• Producer: Portfolio Entertainment
  • Format: (52 x 30') or (104 x 11')

Follow Doki and his friends as they travel all over the planet to discover the wonders of the world. Doki has a lot of questions and he’ll go as far as it takes to get the answers! He’s a born explorer, just like his best friends Oto, Mundi, Fico, Gabi and Anabella. Together, they’re Team Doki. Anything can spark an expedition. One moment, the Team is just hanging around their clubhouse, and the next Doki is struck with a great question. What are castles really like? Where do rubber bands come from? Why won’t my balloon float? Suddenly – it’s expedition time! Will they find their answer in China or Brazil? At the bottom of the sea or in the International Space Station? Wherever they go, it’s sure to be a fascinating expedition!