• Genre: Children
  • Format: 40 x 22' or 80 x 11'
  • Availability: Worldwide excluding US
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Welcome to Hero Elementary, a school where young superheroes learn to master their unique abilities and take on some day-saving action! As aspiring day-savers, stakes are higher, faster or bubblier than for mere mortals. Inversely, mistakes can snowball into epic disasters. The humour, the adventure and the learning spring from the same challenges that all kids face.

What’s different at Hero Elementary is that these ordinary kids have extraordinary powers. There’s high-flying Lucita Sky; stupendously brilliant AJ Gadgets; amazingly strong teleporter Sara Snap; and Benny Bubbles, whose astonishing bubble-generating powers are a sight to behold! Together, they turn everyday mishaps into exciting discoveries with inquisitive thinking and an adventurous spirit. The students of Hero Elementary are an example to kids everywhere that creative problem solving, teamwork and lending a helping hand can net stupendous results. When heroic hearts and minds work together, there is nothing they can’t accomplish, and it all starts at Hero Elementary!